GuestLine Marketing Services has provided our Company with great exposure to hotel guests around the Lexington area for the past 10 years. The ads reach an audience which are looking for something to do while staying in the hotel.

By placing an ad with GuestLine, your company will stand out among the other choices the guests face when deciding what to do while staying in the Hotel property. Hotel guests need a resource that provides information on the local restaurants and entertainment options available to them and this service provides that.

Daniel M. Collins
Bowling Centers, Inc.


The Lexington Legends only recently began working with GuestLine, however we noticed results almost instantly. We have long been confident in our ability to get our message out to the people of Central Kentucky, but not until GuestLine had we found a way to effectively reach those out of town guests.

Not only does GuestLine offer extensive reach at an effective cost, putting us right in the rooms of dozens and dozens of area hotels, but the ability of guests to call and hear our message and then actually connect to our box office if they desire is extremely beneficial for us, and user-friendly for them. And the piece itself is great, there’s no flipping through page after page, sifting through content and ads, it’s all right there in front of you.

I definitely recommend GuestLine as an effective component of any marketing plan.

Seth Poteat
General Manager
Lexington Legends


It is with great admiration that I recommend GuestLine and it’s services based on the 14 years our restaurant has participated in the GuestLine automated information services. The level of quality control, website and customer service has excelled over any other form of leisure piece to the out of town visitor available.

Furthermore the mass coverage of over 90% of the hotel rooms in our market has made GuestLine a reliable service to add to our marketing efforts in reaching that incremental tourist dollar not found anywhere else.

Misty Carlisle
General Manager
DeSha’s Restaurant & Bar


Fayette Mall has worked with Kevin Tobe and GuestLine for longer than I have worked for CBL, the company that owns Fayette Mall. My predecessors recognized the value in our partnership with Kevin, a value that has continued to grow over the years.

As retail competition continues to develop, it is important to communicate with visitors about Fayette Mall. We are not located on a major highway or in the heart of the city, so the map feature in GuestLine is vital to out of town guests. Also, the ease of updating our listing on the call in line allows Fayette Mall’s information to stay fresh and relevant. Finally, the streamlined design of the piece does not ovewhelm people with hundreds of ads to go through.

I recommend GuestLine to any business looking to make an impact in the growing Lexington tourism market.

Melissa Blackburn
Marketing Specialist
CBL & Associates


I have been working with Kevin Tobe at GuestLine since its inception and have always been impressed with the quality of the product and the results. The coverage of the hotel rooms in the downtown Lexington area and beyond is essential for marketing our restaurant to visitors.

The ability that is given to potential customers to call and hear about Cheapside one on one… and then to be immediately connected by phone is a unique tool in advertising.

I do not hesitate to recommend this product to any entertainment venue as a very effective promotional tool.

Robin Campbell
Cheapside Bar and Grill