With outreach to 90% of the hotels around Lexington, GuestLine services has proven to be a very beneficial form of marketing for Talon Winery. As a local attraction, we have seen an increase in out of town customers since working with Kevin Tobe & GuestLine.

The simplicity of GuestLine marketing is what I love the most about the services. Customers can dial a number & get the information they need right from their hotel room without asking. The map feature is great for us because of our location, due to the country roads, customers often get confused on direction so the map is a great feature for us. I highly recommend GuestLine.

Lauren Manuel
Marketing Director/Event Coordinator
Talon Winery


I confirm that I have dealt with GuestLine since 1998, during which time they have provided my business with an excellent marketing tool. The GuestLine approach has been a major factor in our business success at bringing in out of town guests. The following list details why we believe GuestLine has reached these guests so effectively:

  • Quick and easy to read
  • Easier to listen to a message than to read through pages
  • Not a leisure piece – A call to action
  • Nationwide internet locations – Website – www.guestlineky.com
  • Printing less paper means printing more guides than any other in-room piece

I can confidently recommend GuestLine as a solid and reliable marketing tool.

Brian McCarty
Operating Owner
Bluegrass Hospitality Group


GuestLine Marketing Services has provided our Company with great exposure to hotel guests around the Lexington area for the past 10 years. The ads reach an audience which are looking for something to do while staying in the hotel.

By placing an ad with GuestLine, your company will stand out among the other choices the guests face when deciding what to do while staying in the Hotel property. Hotel guests need a resource that provides information on the local restaurants and entertainment options available to them and this service provides that.

Daniel M. Collins
Bowling Centers, Inc.


Fayette Mall has worked with Kevin Tobe and GuestLine for longer than I have worked for CBL, the company that owns Fayette Mall. My predecessors recognized the value in our partnership with Kevin, a value that has continued to grow over the years.

As retail competition continues to develop, it is important to communicate with visitors about Fayette Mall. We are not located on a major highway or in the heart of the city, so the map feature in GuestLine is vital to out of town guests. Also, the ease of updating our listing on the call in line allows Fayette Mall’s information to stay fresh and relevant. Finally, the streamlined design of the piece does not ovewhelm people with hundreds of ads to go through.

I recommend GuestLine to any business looking to make an impact in the growing Lexington tourism market.

Melissa Blackburn
Marketing Specialist
CBL & Associates